Design and Health Coming Together

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Personal HealthThere’s no reason your pill bottle can’t be cool.  A new company has reinterpreted that staple of daily health, turning it into a series of sleek, functional and downright sexy looking replacements. As the designers say, they are removing the negative connotations with easier to use forms. The designers of Sabi talk about their choices and reasons behind this re-imagining. Many others are thinking along these same lines. How can technology be used to improve aging? By changing the overall model …

Hospital Dreams

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CaregivingShe looks so pale and frail lying in that bed with the blankets tucked up around her shoulders so only her sweet face pops out. Five or more enormous bruises on her arms are nagging reminders of the multiple IV’s (both failed and successful) she’s had over the past week, but they are hidden now under the butter-cream cotton blankets – once comforting, fresh out of the blanket warmer, but now cold and impersonal like everything else in this hospital. …

What Obama’s New Budget Means for You

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Bulletin TodayFaced with mounting pressure to put the clamp on a hemorrhaging federal budget deficit, the White House unveiled Monday a $3.7 trillion budget highlighting a plan that aims to cut more than $1 trillion over the next decade. So what does this mean for you?

Taking an Excursion for Your Medical Needs?

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Personal HealthDoesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s actually becoming more and more common. While medical tourism has existing for some time — where Americans will travel abroad to other countries to get necessary medical treatment for cheaper — a new trend is growing in the U.S.: Domestic medical travel. Via AARP Bulletin: [A]s medical travel firms negotiate attractive rates with doctors, clinics and hospitals and market them to insurance companies, employer-funded health plans and individuals. While hospitals don’t like to …

Sebelius Asks Members for Help, Unveils New Price Comparison Tool

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Entertainment | Personal HealthBlog post on Kathleen Sebelius addressing AARP members at Orlando@50+ 2010

December Already…

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Money & SavingsWe’ve made it to the last month of 2009 – can you believe it? You’ll be happy to know that my Thanksgiving road trip went smoothly and I was home with plenty of time to spare for Thanksgiving breakfast. And now on to holiday shopping and preparing for the holiday season! My mission this month is to get the perfect gifts for my friends and family without breaking the bank…I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Here are a few …