Will Your Heart Survive Valentine’s Day?

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Personal HealthValentine’s Day is usually a time for flowers and candy, but according to MedlinePlus, it’s also a day when approximately 2,800 people—parents, aunts, friends, siblings, uncles, cousins, children and grandparents—will suffer a heart attack. Of these, nearly 1,400 will die—leaving a tragic trail of broken hearts. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, your chance of contributing to these grim statistics goes up.

Living a Heart Healthy Life

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Personal HealthHave you checked out AARP’s Heart Health resource guide? This guide on our website shows you the lowdown on how to keep your heart healthy. Twenty-five percent of people over the age of 50 have at least two risk factors that could lead to a heart attack, although they could potentially be avoided. 1.1 million Americans will have a heart attack this year, and some 500,000 folks won’t survive it. There are a slew of articles and tip-giving around heart …