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Heat Warning: Older Adults at Risk as Temps Rise

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Personal HealthSweltering summer temperatures have settled in this week, with the National Weather Service issuing an excessive heat warning for a wide region stretching from the Washington, D.C., area to the Ohio Valley. Temperatures in the Northeast are 5 to 10 degrees above normal, with New York City experiencing the the highest above-normal temperatures of any place in the country, according to the Associated Press. In New England, electricity use is nearing record levels as residents try and stay cool. Health …

Killer Heat Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

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Personal HealthIs it me, or is it getting hot out there? Federal health officials said this week that our summers have been getting more intense lately, with more “extreme heat events” causing power outages and an increasing number of heat-related deaths, especially among older adults. To prepare for this summer’s already climbing temperatures, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced a new website on heat, with specific tips for those in the age 65-plus group. Included in the …

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs, Electric Bills

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Home & Family | Money & SavingsMy grandfather would have loved the heat wave we’re having, if for no other reason than it would give him cause to unleash his endless arsenal of “It’s hotter than…” sayings. You know, “It’s hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends.” Or, “It’s hotter than the devil dancing in frying pan.” Or even, “hotter than a billy goat in pepper patch,” which I guess would be pretty hot, although admittedly some of Gramps’ sayings translated better than others between …

Staying Cool During Deadly Heat

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe current weather map says it all: Two-thirds of the country is colored fiery orange and red, reflecting the dangerously hot weather making life miserable for millions of Americans. Combine that with the power outages affecting some 2 million people and you have a recipe for an increased risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke can occur quickly in seniors and those with chronic illness, as well as  in children and pets. And with the Fourth of July holiday …

The Takeaway: What’s in a Face at 50?; Debt Deal Goes to Congress

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Bulletin TodayWhat does your face say about you? Does it say you’re happy? Stressed? When people see you, do they think you’re powerful? Warm? Do you appear healthy? As President Obama turns 50, a new report examines how much he’s aged in the last three years and asks an interesting question: “What’s in a face at 50?”

The Takeaway: Heat Wave Moves East, How to Keep Cool; Gang of Six?

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Bulletin TodayAs the dangerous heat wave moves to the Northeast, here’s another explainer on how extreme heat attacks your body and why certain people have to be especially careful. Also: How to help a loved one or neighbor stay cool.