Stoke the Flames With These Fireplace Tips

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Money & SavingsIn many parts of the country, it’s time to stoke up the fireplace or woodstove for a little extra heat. Here are some hearth-warming tips to keep in mind: Heating With Wood Can Save: According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, burning one cord of wood generates the heat equivalent of  200 gallons to 250 gallons of fuel oil. Based on our most recent fuel oil bills and the cost of a cord of wood from a firewood supplier, that much …

Look Before You Lock: Children and Pets in Hot Cars

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Personal HealthOn June 29, we broke a record in Washington, D.C.: 104 degrees Fahrenheit—3 degrees warmer than the high set almost 80 years ago. In fact, the first six months in 2012 have been the hottest in the mainland U.S. since temperature records began in 1895. While extreme heat can contribute to a variety of health issues for people of all ages, for children and pets, the danger is amplified in cars. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle related …

Staying Cool During Deadly Heat

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe current weather map says it all: Two-thirds of the country is colored fiery orange and red, reflecting the dangerously hot weather making life miserable for millions of Americans. Combine that with the power outages affecting some 2 million people and you have a recipe for an increased risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke can occur quickly in seniors and those with chronic illness, as well as  in children and pets. And with the Fourth of July holiday …

Heat in Triple Digits? Keep Caregiver Cool

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CaregivingAs I write this post, the thermometer on our back porch here in Phoenix hits a sizzling 110 degrees. But it’s a dry heat, you say?! Indeed. Nevertheless, I just fried my toes walking to the mailbox and I think the cactus in my yard is about to pull up roots and head for a dunk in the pool! I shudder to think what it’s like in humid areas of the country as temps rise. No doubt about it: it’s oppressive. …

A Cheapskate’s Good-Smelling Energy Audit

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Money & SavingsSince I work from home, my wife sometimes wonders what I do all day. I’m a writer, so the fruits of my daily labor aren’t always apparent to her, and I’m pretty sure she thinks I spend most of the day goofing off. That misconception was fueled when Denise came home early from work last week. She found me in my bathrobe, looking like a shaman while I paraded around the house with a handful of smoking incense sticks. The …

Hot Fun In The Summertime?

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Personal HealthGiven the choice between extreme cold and extreme heat, which would you prefer? If you were on the East Coast last week, chances are you had a chance to test this theory as your city had record-breaking heat. Summer may be fun, especially if you’re a heat seeker, but it’s not all fun and games. Heat waves can cause major health problems, like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and finally, heatstroke.