Rising Propane Prices, Shortages Add to Winter Woes

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Public Policy InstitutePersistent record-setting low temperatures across much of the United States are making this a tough winter for many families. Households face higher heating bills as prices for heating fuels continue to increase with rising demand sparked by the cold. Price increases for liquid propane have been significant. The Department of Energy estimates that 6 million households, mostly in the Midwest and Northeast, use propane as their primary source of heating fuel. Low inventories and high demand for the fuel have …

What’s Hot? Cold Weather Scams

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsRecent falling temperatures in parts of the U.S. have prompted a new wave of a time-tested power play – fraudsters posing as utility company workers who threaten to shut off your service because of supposedly unpaid bills. The Shutoff Swindle has prompted warnings in recent weeks from utility companies from Maine to Washington state, including in (usually) warmer-weather states such as Texas. Typically, this scam occurs by telephone. Callers claim to be billing representatives from your utility company. They say you’ve …

Programmable Thermostats: Savings or Not?

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Money & SavingsA couple of years ago I wrote an article for AARP about simple ways to reduce the cost of heating your home. After reading it, my wife promptly added a number of the energy-saving tips I’d suggested to my “honey-do” list, including installing three programmable thermostats around our house. The good news was that the new thermostats were inexpensive and easy to install. We found a three-pack on sale at a home improvement center for  $70, and, much to my …

Stay warm this winter – and save money!

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Personal HealthHello, blog readers! This is Gerardo Cardenas with the AARP Illinois communications team, bringing you some important and urgent news. In spite of an unseasonably mild December, winter is back in Illinois in full force in 2012, and for all residents, but especially for low income seniors and families it’s critical to stay warm through the rest of the season. The federal government has just released an additional $863 million to help low income households with energy costs. Illinois gets about …

News To Know: The Cold Shoulder

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Money & SavingsAs people struggle to find a way to afford heating oil for the winter, one town has come up with a creative solution.

News To Know: High Energy Prices Turning Up The Heat On Older Americans

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Money & SavingsRising energy costs are putting a strain on the budgets of older Americans.