Heaven is For Real

Meet the Real ‘Heaven Is For Real’ Family

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EntertainmentFor those unfamiliar with the gentle landscapes of America’s Great Plains, Imperial, Neb., may seem literally in the middle of nowhere. If you drive down Grand Army of the Republic Highway to Imperial from Ogallala, then make a few turns on gravel roads, you’ll find the angular profile of Crossroads Wesleyan Church. Behind it stands the modest home of its pastor, Todd Burpo, and his wife, Sonja. As I approach I recognize Todd, wearing an Imperial Nebraska Fire Department sweatshirt …

Life After Death: Fad or Final Destination?

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EntertainmentThe afterlife is a topic that just won’t die. Proof of Heaven, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander’s account of what he saw while he was “brain dead” in a hospital, is at this moment No. 1 on the New York Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list. And Heaven is for Real, a young boy’s recollections of his experiences when he “died” following an appendicitis attack, sits at No. 8 (it’s been on the list for 122 weeks which is, in book terms, its …