You Won’t Believe What They Found on Colonoscopy Instruments

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s hard enough convincing people to have a colonoscopy because of the laxative and liquids-only prep regimen you need to undergo the day before. Now a study at five hospitals nationwide finds that three out of 20 endoscopes (pictured at right) that are inserted in the rectum to examine the colon for cancer retained bits of “biological dirt” from past patients, putting people at risk for hepatitis and infection. “Three out of 20 is an unexpectedly high number of endoscopes …

Frozen-Berry Recall After Hepatitis Outbreak

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthUpdated June 12: An organic, frozen berry blend sold to Costco and Harris Teeter stores that was recalled has now sickened 87 people in eight states with a rare strain of hepatitis A. NBC News is reporting that 36 people have been hospitalized with severe infections. All of the ill people have reported buying the frozen fruit mix at Costco, which sold the product starting in February, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said. Outbreaks were …

Dirty Needles: How Some Clinics Endanger Patients

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthSince 2001, 150,000 patients have been given unsafe shots that in many cases resulted in life-threatening diseases, thanks to non-sterile needles and other unsafe injection practices, according to an investigation by USA Today. Many of these bad shots took place at smaller outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices that are not subject to inspection by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Two-thirds of these risky injections were given in the past four years. Although the majority of injections are administered …