How to Rid Your Home of Your Adult Children’s Stuff

I blame Star Wars for halting my annual cleaning spree. Confronted in the attic with boxes of 1980s-era toys, from Darth Vader figures to a Millennium Falcon spacecraft, I called my son to tell him I was going to throw them out. Stunned silence. He lives in a small New York City apartment, so he’s not able to store the toys — but he couldn’t imagine tossing them either. Those Star Wars figures are just one roadblock to my efforts …

‘Possession Paralysis’: Why Is It So Hard To Part With … Stuff?

Are the majority of older adults hoarders? Not quite. Yet many do feel burdened by the amount of stuff they own, and it can be a major hindrance when it comes to downsizing.

Chat: How to Downsize Your Parents Who Might Be Hoarding

So we’re talking about stuff. That is, what to do withit when you or a loved one needs to move, downsize or clean up clutter. Every other Wednesday there is a Twitter chat around caregiving. Each time a different topic is discussed and those in the caregiving community – both family caregivers and caregiving professionals – weigh in. Here are highlights from the Oct. 5 that focused on downsizing, moving, decluttering a parent or loved one’s home: