Older Men Rescued After Years in Houston ‘Dungeon’

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Bulletin TodayPolice responding to a 911 call on July 19 found four men — ages 79, 74, 65 and 54 — being held in “deplorable conditions” behind a door that was nailed shut in a north Houston neighborhood. Sgt. Steven Murdock told the Associated Press that at least one of the men was a military veteran, and that their living conditions were like a “dungeon.” Murdock said the men told investigators that their Social Security checks were being taken from them, …

Older, Homeless, No Family Caregiver — What Do They Do?

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CaregivingGet ready to see more older homeless men and women on the street. Since most don’t have families or are estranged from them, there’s no family caregiver. Here’s a TED talk that gives perspective on homelessness. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports there are 1.6 million homeless people a year on any given day. According to an NPR story, more than half of single homeless adults are age 47+. Younger boomers born between 1955-1965 are driving the aging …

Volunteers Washed Away in Severe Weather

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VolunteeringHere in Washington, D.C. most people have stocked their cabinets with water, batteries and non-perishable foods and settled into their cozy homes to weather the severe rain and wind that Hurricane Sandy is unleashing. But what about those who don’t have a roof over their head? The reality is that their situation becomes very fragile during these times because many of the services the homeless rely on operate only with the generous help of volunteers. And with the severe weather …

A Volunteer Memory to Last All Year

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VolunteeringYou are, no doubt, expecting to spend the next three minutes reading about how you should, in this season of thanks and giving, find time to volunteer to help those less fortunate. And, yes, that is one of my themes today. But I also want to suggest something today that – I hope – will help you be a more empathetic and consistent volunteer throughout the year.

PROFILE: Robert Egger of DC Central Kitchen

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VolunteeringLooking back, it seems like a simple fix. Robert Egger saw lots of hungry people on the streets of Washington, DC. Rather than just handing out food, he wanted to address *why* they were on the streets. He was working in the restaurant business at the time and decided to tap his contacts to address dual needs. Egger blogs, “…while the thought of all that food being tossed irked me. . .I was equally intrigued by the thought that, while …

A Little Bit of Dignity

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VolunteeringGiving a homeless person what you can afford puts a little bit of dignity in their pocket.