Paying It Forward: Banks Donate Homes to Wounded Vets

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsJulie Barcheers is on her way to becoming a first-time homeowner without having to buy a house. The 55-year-old Army veteran participates in a program by the Military Warriors Support Foundation that matches those wounded in service with houses donated by major banks. Barcheers recently received the keys to a three-bedroom house in Carriere, Miss. If she pays the annual property taxes and meets other criteria, the house will be hers in three years — free of any mortgage. “For …

AARP Sues to Protect Widowed Homeowners With Reverse Mortgages

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Bulletin TodayAt the time AARP took up their cause, Robert Bennett of Annapolis, Md., and Leila Joseph of Brooklyn, N.Y., had several things in common. They were older Americans. They were widowed. They were homeowners. And they both faced foreclosure and eviction on reverse mortgage loans. So when AARP won a big lawsuit on their behalf against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) several months ago, it was great news. Now, AARP Foundation Litigation has filed a class-action …

A New Voice for Homeowners?

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsWashington hears from interest groups that represent everything from medical specialties to cattlemen to professional wrestlers. Now there’s an organization for one of the largest constituencies in the country: homeowners. The current homeownership rate in the United States is 65 percent (down from a high of more than 69 percent in 2004), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA) is the brainchild of Phil Bracken, a former executive of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and now the chief …