A New America: Who Says We Can’t Do It?

Posted on 03/21/2014 by |Latino Life | Comments

Your LifeWho says we can’t make it? Who says that this nation of muscle and dreams, of imagination and strength, can’t last through the next millennium? Who says differences will tear us apart and pettiness will drive holes in our moral structures? Who says that different peoples with different voices will crack the melting pot we have created when their voices rise as individuals in a mass culture? Who says that men who love men and women who love women will …

A Prayer from my Dad: Hope, Inspiration and Alzheimer’s

Posted on 01/4/2013 by |Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingRecently, when he was told it was Sunday, Dad asked if we were going to have a “service or a blessing.” Although he leads us in grace for every meal, he has never asked about this before. I put together a short service for us around the kitchen table with a reading and a prayer. I asked what hymn he would like to sing, and he began to sing The Lord’s Prayer. Although we sing throughout every day, I don’t …