Older Workers, Take Heart; Employers, Take Note

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WorkI love seeing people who love their jobs  – especially since many consider themselves lucky just to have a job in this tough economy. A short segment from CNNMoney paints a hopeful and heartening picture…and not just for older workers. Know how some people light up when they talk about their work? Nurse Ann Doshi of Atlantic Health System, who teaches new Operating Room nurses the intricacies of the O.R., definitely lights up. After you watch the clip below, you’ll probably agree that Ann would …

A Perfect Storm for Age Discrimination

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WorkYes, there’s a perfect storm — but there’s also an opportunity. A Supreme Court ruling, combined with a seemingly never-ending cycle of long-term unemployment, has had a chilling effect on age discrimination cases. They’re more frequent and harder to prove, according to experts cited in this NPR Morning Edition segment. People over 50 don’t need news headlines to tell them that age discrimination is alive and well. They know firsthand. On average, it takes someone age 55 or over three …