Is Your Husband Due for a Makeover? 5 Ways to Do the Deed

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Beauty & FashionMy husband and I have a brand-new pact: He won’t grow his beard back. I won’t grow out my bangs. Why? Because I think he looks sexier clean-shaven. He thinks I look sexier with a fringe. If you find yourself in similar straits — in the market for ways to tweak your partner’s appearance so he doesn’t lose face — consider these five “under-the-radar” fixes: 1) Facial hair. Lots of older men grow a beard or mustache because: a) they …

Are You a Viagra Wife?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMillions of boomer men have recharged their sex lives thanks to Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs, but are their wives equally thrilled? That was the question that writer Judith Newman poses in her article “Love in the Time of Viagra,” in the May issue of Prevention magazine. Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter As she puts it, “While men of a certain age are undoubtedly thrilled to have their sexual potency restored, maybe their wives’ enthusiasm is a …