CDC: Hospital Infections Kill 200 Patients a Day

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthPatients go to a hospital to get better, not to get an additional infection that makes them sicker or even kills them. Yet every day more than 200 Americans will die from an infection they developed during their hospital stay, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And although the CDC’s newest data show some improvement in the number of these hospital-acquired infections, they are still a major problem. According to the government’s survey of 183 hospitals in 2011, …

Home DNA Tests: Are They Safe?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe promise of genetic medicine is vast. In the future, cancer therapies will better target a specific tumor; couples will better understand their reproductive risks; and once the genetic components of myriad diseases are better understood, potential cures may be just around the corner. But experts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and elsewhere worry that our ability to learn about our genome has outrun the medical community’s ability to usefully interpret the results. “It’s not enough to understand …

Farmers Market Chicken May Have More Bacteria

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthYou may think the chicken you buy at the farmers market is healthier for you than store-bought, but a new study suggests it could have more bacteria. The study by Pennsylvania State University analyzed both grocery store and farmers market chickens bought throughout Pennsylvania. Researchers bought 100 whole, uncooked chickens, half of which were organic, from stores, and 100 from farmers markets,  Food Safety News reported. The chickens were tested for salmonella and campylobacter, two types of bacteria that can …