Postal worker doubles as Hermès scarf illustrator

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Beauty & FashionA 69-year-old post office worker who renders paintings for silk scarves that retail for over $300? Yep. Recently I stumbled across a Texas Monthly article that profiled Kermit Oliver, “one of the most important living African-American painters” and the “only American artist to design a scarf for Hermès,” an ultra-luxury French brand. The introverted Oliver, who still works the graveyard shift at his local Waco, Texas, post office, was first offered the gig in 1980.  The president of Hermès’ U.S. operations …

Mario Zamparelli: The Man Who Painted Howard Hughes

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LegacyWhen you’re an artist, it helps to have a wealthy patron who recognizes and supports your talent. Michelangelo, for example, was just a lowly painter’s apprentice when he was discovered by Lorenzo de Medici, the most powerful man in Florence, who gave him a place to live in his mansion and supported his early work. But artist and industrial designer Mario Armond Zamparelli had a benefactor who was even wealthier and surrounded by more intrigue: Howard Hughes. As Zamparelli, who …

Wild Rumpus!

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EntertainmentMaurice Sendak, children’s book author and illustrator, best known for his work “Where the Wild Things Are” has died at age 83. Sendak was also known for several other books, including “In the Night Kitchen” and as a theater set designer. His books have become a staple of childhood reading for nearly 50 years. “Where the Wild Things Are” was published in 1963. Since then, children across the world have read the handful of sentences that tell the story of …