Are Immigrants a Drain on Medicare? The Truth May Surprise You

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsBy Jordan Rau, Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News As Congress mulls changing America’s border and naturalization rules, a study finds that immigrant workers are helping buttress Medicare’s finances, because they contribute tens of billions a year more than immigrant retirees use in medical services. “Immigrants, particularly noncitizens, heavily subsidize Medicare,” the researchers wrote in the journal Health Affairs.  “Policies that reduce immigration would almost certainly weaken Medicare’s financial health, while an increasing flow of immigrants might bolster its sustainability.” The …

You Need a Non-English Speaking Caregiver?

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CaregivingAt a recent conference in California on encore careers (aka pursuing a new field, often with a social mission, later in life), I met a real estate agent turned health care entrepreneur who got me thinking. (She’s obviously gotten others thinking too, because she’s won recognition from two years in a row.) It’s tough enough to be sick, frail and poor (a trifecta of misery), but imagine not being able to communicate with your professional caregiver because you don’t …

Sorry Avengers, but Mom Is my Real Super Hero

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Your LifeSpring 2012 started with a fever for big blockbuster movies full of superheroes saving the world from alien invaders. However, as fascinating these characters can be, the title ‘hero’ for me can only bring one person to mind: my mother. Sorry guys, but The Hulk, Iron Man, Capitan America and their gang have nothing on a woman who migrated from Cuba, learned English as her second language, was the first in our family to graduate from college and became an …