Astronaut Abby – Inspiring Others to Dream Big

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Abigail Harrison. Otherwise known as Astronaut Abby, Abby  is a 15-year-old high school STEM student and aspiring astronaut whose ultimate goal is to be the first astronaut to Mars in 2030.   It’s amazing how one meeting, one interaction, one event can change our lives. This has been the case for me as I have ventured out to make my dream of becoming the first astronaut to Mars a reality. I may only be 15-years-old, …

Anne Samaan: Inspirational Caregiver Blazes the Trail

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CaregivingNot even 5 feet tall, she was tiny but powerful; she filled up a room. She was my second “mommie;” counselor, comforter, friend and inspiration. Dr. Anne Samaan, my best friend Laurette and her sister Jenny’s mom, and my godchild Catalina’s grandmother, died last week; she was 91. The world is dimmer without her sometimes colorful presence. She has influenced me since I was 6 years old, especially because she was a caregiving pioneer. She taught me how to make choices …

Diana Nyad says at SXSW She Will Make 5th Attempt at Cuba-Florida Swim

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Bulletin TodayHey everyone! It’s team AARP from SXSW – Karin Miller (TN), Kim Loop, (TX), Jenn Baier, (IL) and Jim Flaherty and Jessica Prell (WI) this morning we got to go on a walk with Diana Nyad while she was at SXSW. We were so inspired!  When Diana Nyad was an 18-year-old Olympic hopeful, she walked out on the pool deck at the trials afraid that the years of 4:30 a.m. workouts and sets of 1,000 situps would end in failure. …

Cut From the Same Cloth

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Beauty & FashionOn a recent trip to south Georgia, I got the opportunity to spend a few days at the home of an 83-year-old who embodies timeless style. While this octogenarian may not be able to wear stilettos and chooses not to don miniskirts, she is a fashionista and seemingly my style icon. You see my grandmother, Idella, has a penchant for being the best dressed at religious and social gatherings though she would never admit it. Sporting sharp midcalf suits or …

Diana Nyad Nears Florida Keys and 63rd Birthday On Fourth Day of Swim

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Bulletin TodayUpdate: Sad news! Soon after I posted this update this morning, CNN reported that Diana Nyad had to be pulled from the water due to severe jellyfish stings and a dangerous lightening storm. “With all the threats continuing, Diana decided that it was not a risk that we wanted to take,” Nyad’s operations chief Mark Sollinger said.

Inspiration, it Can Stir the Soul

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Your LifeWhere do you get your inspiration? What excites, enriches and engages you? I hope your response is not accumulating more wealth, larger houses, more land, stocks, bonds or pursuit of fame. What drives you to achieve your goals? Goals will or will not be achieved according to how we, as individuals, are inspired. As insignificant and trivial as this may sound to you, especially in terms of the bigger picture of “saving mankind, “I will tell you what motivates me …