‘Life and Death in Assisted Living’ — Investigative Project Premieres

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Bulletin Today | CaregivingIf you have a loved one in assisted living — or see that possibility on the horizon — this week brings some essential TV viewing and reading. “Life and Death in Assisted Living” is an investigative journalism project with several public faces: a powerful television documentary (premiering July 30 on the PBS series Frontline); a four-part, deeply reported web presentation (starting July 29 at; and an online chat with correspondent A.C. Thompson and two of the documentary’s subjects on …

The Takeaway: Nursing Homes Ill-Prepared For Natural Disasters

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Bulletin TodayEmergency Plans Lack Specifics: Will your loved-one’s nursing home be ready should emergency arise? Don’t count on it: A recent government investigation found many nursing homes—even those in disaster-prone areas—are ill-prepared for natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina showed us how vulnerable nursing home patients can be during natural disasters (according to the Houston Chronicle, at least 139 nursing home residents died during the floods or their aftermath). Yet according to the Health and …