The Takeaway: Future 401(k)s Will Look More Like Old-School Pensions

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Bulletin TodayMore 401(k) plan sponsors are offering to pay benefits in a form that guarantees a set level of monthly income, regardless of how long you live. And more employers are beginning to offer these plans, Time’s Dan Kadlec reports. “Before long your 401(k) may look a lot more like your dad’s pension,” writes Kadlec. That’s a good thing. Traditional pensions that pay a set monthly income to retirees, based on their wages and length of service, were once the foundation of retirement. Along with …

The Takeaway: What Men and Women Can Learn From One Another About Saving for Retirement

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Bulletin TodayThere are clear differences between men and women when it comes to retirement planning. By integrating the best of both genders’ strategies, you can increase your prospects for a secure retirement.

The Takeaway: Boomers Could Be the Last 401(k) Generation

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Bulletin Today401(k) plans were supposed to fill in the gap left by the decline of traditional pensions. But retirement experts largely agree that the 401(k) plan has been sort of a failure.

Investment Fraud 101

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Money & SavingsThe economic crisis has not only left financial investments very complicated, but has also left ample opportunities for scam artists. The most recent Inside E Street episode talks to experts about how consumers can protect themselves from dangerous situations arising when investing. Make sure to check it out.

Notable News for December 3

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Money & SavingsThis headline from the Wall Street Journal caught my eye this morning: “What Should You Do With Your Money in 2010?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a heart to heart with six different financial advisors and see what they had to say about investing next year? Since that is probably not feasible for most of us, a Dow Jones reporter did the hard work for us! Check out the article for answers from six different advisors on …

Friday Morning News at AARP

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Bulletin TodayAre you getting all the medical screenings that are recommended for you? An article from U.S. News and World Report posted yesterday discusses a report (prepared by the CDC, AARP and AMA) that says only 25 percent of adults age 50-64 are getting recommended preventative health screenings – such as those for cancer and cholesterol levels. Since middle aged adults are the most likely to develop chronic diseases, these preventative measures are all the more important. Check out the article …