Computer Geeks Make Money. Literally. What You Need to Know

Nobody knows exactly who they are. But a group of computer geeks have created a virtual currency called “Bitcoins” that’s got everybody from the FBI to international bankers to the news media talking. Bitcoins are money that flows on the Internet – money that’s not backed by gold or governments. But it does buy things – like cars, pizza and guns. Starting from zero about four years ago, the Bitcoin economy was said to be worth about $2 billion earlier …

Dreaming Of An Easy Retirement? Calculators Can Help Get You There

We talk about retiring and visions of frolicking on a sun-drenched beach with coconut-infused cocktails give way to anxiety and even fear. Retirement is close enough to smell and taste and touch. But will we ever feel assured that we’ve saved enough to live comfortably and pretty much in the same manner as when we worked? The average retirement age has crept up gradually over the years, from 62 in the mid-1990s to 64 for men, and from 60 to …

The Takeaway: Anxious Investors Day Trading Retirement Savings

While most Americans with 401(k)s or individual retirement accounts embrace a “set it and forget it” philosophy, some anxious retirement savers are getting increasingly aggressive with their investments, according to the Los Angeles Times. Worried about the toll the past decade has taken on their savings, Americans nearing retirement are day trading mutual funds and stock options in a bid to make up for lost time.

The Takeaway: Future 401(k)s Will Look More Like Old-School Pensions

More 401(k) plan sponsors are offering to pay benefits in a form that guarantees a set level of monthly income, regardless of how long you live. And more employers are beginning to offer these plans, Time’s Dan Kadlec reports. “Before long your 401(k) may look a lot more like your dad’s pension,” writes Kadlec. That’s a good thing. Traditional pensions that pay a set monthly income to retirees, based on their wages and length of service, were once the foundation of retirement. Along with …

The Takeaway: What Men and Women Can Learn From One Another About Saving for Retirement

There are clear differences between men and women when it comes to retirement planning. By integrating the best of both genders’ strategies, you can increase your prospects for a secure retirement.

The Takeaway: Boomers Could Be the Last 401(k) Generation

401(k) plans were supposed to fill in the gap left by the decline of traditional pensions. But retirement experts largely agree that the 401(k) plan has been sort of a failure.