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Celebrating Everyday Heroes in Denver

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VolunteeringEvery week, volunteer Joe Pells goes to the AARP Foundation Colorado Consumer Fraud Prevention Call Center in Denver and makes about 90 phone calls to warn seniors about financial scams. He’s done this for three years, spoken to nearly 5,000 people and performed more than 500 hours of service. He’s an amazing super-volunteer. Denver’s ABC7 TV station recognized Pells’s dedication, naming him a “7Everyday Hero” earlier this month. The station gives the weekly award to Coloradans who initiate solutions, motivate …

Investment Fraud 101

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Money & SavingsThe economic crisis has not only left financial investments very complicated, but has also left ample opportunities for scam artists. The most recent Inside E Street episode talks to experts about how consumers can protect themselves from dangerous situations arising when investing. Make sure to check it out.

Questions to ask investment advisors?

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Money & SavingsInvestors frequently get invited to lunch seminars that promise to educate them about investing strategies or managing money in retirement–often with an expensive meal provided at no cost. Just because someone buys you breakfast, lunch or dinner doesn’t mean you have to buy what they are saying–or selling. Invitations to Free Lunch Seminars can be tempting. But before you accept, make sure ask a lot of questions such as: What are the risks of this investment? Will my investment be …

Ponzi Schemes

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Money & SavingsRecently we have heard about the biggest ponzi schemes in history. Bernard Madoff has become a household name but these types of scams have been happening for years. In fact, they are named after Charles Ponzi who envisioned and created a massive money making scheme in the early 1920s. Here’s how they work: Investors are lured with promises of unique opportunities producing high returns, and for awhile they may get those returns. But what they don’t know is that their …

The $75,000 Lunch

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Money & Savings“We were invited to a seminar where there were two main speakers. They talked about different kinds of investments to have an extra income for retirement and it was interesting. After a couple of days, they made an appointment with me to visit me in my home.” That was the beginning of a tragic story for Luis and Manuela Corona, a couple in Florida. Looking for a way to increase their retirement savings they attended a free lunch investment seminar. …

Spotting A Scam

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Money & SavingsThis is the first in a week-long series of posts here on Shaarp Session that will focus on scams. Everything from spotting a scam, to preventing scams in your community will be covered, and a ton of resources and information will be shared. Let us know what you think! It seems like every week offers and invitations to invest in a deal of a lifetime come knocking on our doors. During troubled economic times these offers become more tempting but …