“I’m a Baby Boomer and a Mom, And We Invented Technology.”

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TechnologyNot long ago I was at an app developer meetup, talking about baby boomers and what they want out of their gadgets and apps. “It’s important that we have easy to read fonts and 12 point type in apps,” I was explaining to a developer.  “The light fancy font young people use is very hard on our eyes.” No sooner had I finished my sentence when a young 20-something guy in scruffy jeans and t-shirt resembling the comic strip character …

App Of The Week: Paper Piles Be Gone

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TechnologyDo you read articles on the Internet and want to clip them so you can review them in more depth later? Are you researching a new topic on the web and want to save that information without printing it? Do you like to have your files accessible to you when you’re on the move? Then you’re ready for the app called Evernote. Evernote allows you to save your ideas and to save things you read on the web, photos, pdfs …

App of the Week: When’s The Intermission In This Movie?

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TechnologyIf you like to watch movies on your home television or in the theater—Flixster is a must have app for your mobile device. It’s the only guide you need for recently released movies in theaters and those on DVD.  It even has a direct line to Netflix for those using that service.   I don’t use Netflix; I have cable “on demand” so I can use the DVD feature too. Until I discovered Flixster, I would read the movie reviews in …

App of the week: Exercise and diet with one cool app

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TechnologyExperimenting with a new app reminds me of high school in the early 70s. The banter is the same. “You gotta try it,” a peer says. “Really, what does it do?”  I ask. “I’m not sure, “he says, “but it’s really cool and everyone is using it.” So I try it—I download the Lose It! app to see what the buzz is all about.  And after a few hours, I agree it’s pretty cool—however, now I must admit… I’m addicted. …

App of the Week: Coupons Gone Digital

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Money & Savings | TechnologyBy Suzie Mitchell Clipping grocery coupons has been a Sunday morning ritual for me since I was a young girl. My Mom and I, armed with our sharp scissors, would scour the weekly coupon sections searching for our favorite brands. We cut the coupons, placed them in piles according to product type, and then put them in the special envelope marked “Groceries” in big red letters. I didn’t shop with my Mom, so I’m guessing she remembered to take her …

State of the Baby Boomer: An Infographic

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TechnologyVia SeniorHomes.net, a great roundup of the statistics about baby boomers out right now. Check out that stat about boomers’ mobile usage! We’re less encouraged by the unemployment number. What do you think? Does this look about right? ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++