Texting During Surgery?! The Risks of ‘Distracted Doctoring’

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthTo help prevent medical errors and give doctors and nurses speedy access to patient records, doctors’ offices and hospitals are using more portable computers and smartphones. It’s a good idea, with many benefits, but there’s also been an unexpected downside, reports the New York Times: A state of “distracted doctoring,” in which surgeons have made personal calls during an operation, a nurse has used her phone to check airfares during surgery, and half of technicians running heart bypass machines have …

Steve Jobs: Designing for All of Us

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LegacyWhat has Steve wrought? Here at AARP, we’ll remember him because of the far-away grandchildren and kids we used iChat to talk to. We’ll remember Steve because of the Apple Extended Keyboard, whose wide, broad keys made typing a pleasure, especially for those with arthritis. We’ll remember Steve’s Apple for its VoiceOver technology – when it came out in 2005, it was the first screenreading technology that was baked into an operating system. It was just there – part of …

Philly Mag Cover Tells Off Baby Boomers

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TechnologyOn my way to a conference to speak about our mobile apps, a magazine cover caught my eye at the newsstand in the Philadelphia train station. Well, it was more like a whack in the face seeing a photo of an iPad on the front of the March 2011 issue of Philadelphia Magazine with this message overprinted on the screen: Dear Baby Boomers, JUST DIE ALREADY. (We’ll take Philly from here. Thanks.) xoxo, Generation X As a proud iPad-owning baby …

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

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Bulletin TodayWe’re not sure if the Catchup Advisory Board approves, but the big news this week was Garrison Keillor announcing plans to bid adieu to Lake Wobegon and A Prairie Home Companion after nearly 37 years.  Judging by the response to his plans, he’ll surely be missed. Why now? “I sure don’t want to make a fool of myself and be singing romantic duets with 25-year-old women when I’m 75.” (Um … that’s a bad thing, Garrison?)

iPad 2 Smart Cover As Bud Vase

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TechnologyMy wife and I decided to order our Apple iPad 2s and accessories online on launch day, but ended up in the second wave of deliveries scheduled for 7 – 10 business days. Oddly, a FedEx package arrived the next day from a distribution center Jonestown, PA with my Smart Cover. The cover, which comes in several colors, is a mini-event of its own with magnets embedded to allow it to roll up securely as typing stand and viewing easel. …

Meet @JenVargas, Winner of the Orlando@50+ Twitter Contest

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TechnologyMeet @JenVargas, winner of AARP’s Orlando@50+ Twitter contest. Her tweets were RT’d the most over the 3 day event, so she wins a brand new iPad!