Are Ageist Smartphone Commercials a Dumb Move?

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyIf you watch TV, by now you’ve probably seen the pool-party commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The spot shows hip college-age revelers befuddling their iPhone-using elders with all of the phone’s flashy technology — such as the AirView feature that allows users to answer the phone by sweeping their fingers over the screen without actually touching it, a camera mode that allows them to take rapid-fire pictures of moving objects and an app that transforms the phone …

There’s an App for That! Health and Fitness Edition

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Personal HealthHey everybody, Jenn here from the Illinois Communications team. So, you know that saying “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Yep, that was me today … one second I was hot on the trail of an invisible pack of riders in spin class and the next second I was on the floor self-diagnosing an aggravated sciatic nerve via the WebMD app. (I verified that later by tweeting a doctor of course.)  There’s an app for everything these days! …