James Garner

A Millennial’s Hard Look at Grandparents’ Generation

Posted on 08/12/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyTaking too long at the checkout line or driving too slowly? Many seniors may not think so, but chances are millennials will let them know by sighing heavily or hitting the horn. That’s according to a Canadian survey that found a “growing intolerance toward seniors” by millennials, with one-third believing that seniors should not get any special treatment. So does that mean that “Millennials Are Scared of Seniors,” as columnist J.M. Henderson wrote in Forbes? She points to the cultural …

The Best D-Day Movie You Never Saw

Posted on 06/6/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentSeventy years ago, 150,000 Allied troops stormed ashore at Normandy. Within hours they had secured a beachhead, and 11 months later Hitler’s Third Reich was in ashes. The largest military operation in history has naturally inspired lots of movies — some classic, some less so. The current edition of AARP The Magazine offers a good list of D-Day movies. It’s headed, of course, by Daryl Zanuck’s 1962 mega-production, The Longest Day. No D-Day movie list I’ve ever seen, though, includes …