Edgar Bronfman Sr.: Fighter for Jewish Causes

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LegacyAfter Edgar Bronfman Sr. took over the reins of Seagram in the early 1970s, he expanded the liquor company founded by his father Samuel into a sprawling global comglomerate, taking over juice-maker Tropicana and expanding into the oil and chemical businesses as well. But while Bronfman, who died on Dec. 21 at age 84 in Manhattan, was successful enough in those ventures to become a billionaire, he had a vastly more profound and far-reaching impact with his work as a …

From Lawyer to Chronicler of Jewish History

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeEthan Bensinger is a take-charge kind of guy. When he sees a need, he figures out how to take care of it. And while visiting relatives over the years at a Chicago home for Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors, the retired immigration lawyer decided that the residents’ stories of struggle and resilience needed to be recorded for posterity. He did just that. He bought a video camera and recorded the remembrances of 30 people for the home’s archives. But Bensinger …

A Time to Remember

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Your LifeI had not seen Rose Toren for almost 15 years, until last weekend, when I decided that if anyone deserved tribute on this special holiday of memory and celebration, it was she. Memorials apply to many sorrows. She had just reached the age of 90 and, beset by failing health, seemed frail and detached, paying the price of time and grief in a prevailing mood of sadness that had deepened over the years. But, despite that, one could also clearly …