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Make These Moves to Find Work Faster

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WorkThis is a guest post by Heather Taylor. Since January 2011, this freelance writer, consultant and radio producer also has happily served as a job coach in the AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program,  helping adults aged 50+ who are unemployed to find satisfying work. You can follow her on twitter at @findingthejobs, and keep an eye out for other employment-related blog posts from Heather.  Great resume? Check. Extensive network? Check. Strong elevator speech? Check. But what if you’re one of the millions of Americans …

Job Hunting: How Do You Stand Out if You’re Over 50, Unemployed, or Both?

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WorkIf you’re wondering about this, you’re definitely in good company. How can you make your resume stand out in the sea of other applications? And if you’re lucky enough to make it to a ‘phone screen’ with HR – or an actual interview – how can you set yourself apart from the crowd and make a lasting impression so you can get to the next round? A free webinar called How to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market, being …

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

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Bulletin TodayIn case you missed this yesterday: AARP CEO Barry Rand released a statement Thursday in response to a report in the Washington Post that the White House was open to making cuts in programs such as Social Security and Medicare to reach an agreement with Republicans before the August 2 deadline to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. More … Is America getting fatter? Yes, according to a new state-by-state study. In the last year, the percentage of obese adults increased …

NY Times Asks Experts Why Why Older Workers Are Struggling

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WorkThe New York Times blog, Room for Debate, has a great round-up of experts’ thoughts on why and how older workers are struggling to get jobs during the recession. It’s no big news that older adults have had difficulties (and have even been discriminated against) in the workforce way before the economy began to falter, but things are particularly hard now. Between the idea that bosses don’t want employees older and more experienced than them, to the fact that older …

Looking for a job after 50?

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WorkAP has a news story on how older workers are not only struggling to get a paycheck in this tough times, but searching the “help wanted” ads for the first time in their careers. Check it out. If you’re looking for a job, or want some job hunting advice check out Bob Skladany’s columns on or our Work pages.

Job Search Websites Cater to Older Workers

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WorkThis is great. The Columbus Dispatch has a feature that talks about the struggle older people have finding jobs during this recession, and offers a ton of sites that specifically cater to older folks trying to find work. is one of them, which gives these tips: Register with temp companies. “They don’t care about age but are more interested in your skills and experience,” Koff says. Practice your interview. You might not have had a job interview in quite …