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Good News for an Older Americans’ Safety Net

Posted on 11/1/2013 by |Washington Watch | Comments

Bulletin Today | PoliticsEven if you aren’t familiar with the Older Americans Act, you probably know of services it makes possible: Meals on Wheels, job training, senior centers and family caregiver support, among many others. The future of this safety net for older Americans looks a little brighter because, with bipartisan support, a key Senate committee advanced legislation to reauthorize the OAA on Oct. 30. >> Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter. Reauthorization — the periodic process of tweaking, overhauling or ending …

In the Senate, a Symbolic Thumbs-Up for Older Americans

Posted on 03/25/2013 by |Washington Watch | Comments

Bulletin Today | PoliticsBernie Sanders, a feisty Independent from Vermont who often votes with his Democratic colleagues, scored a modest — if largely symbolic — victory for older Americans as the Senate pulled an all-nighter last Friday to debate and vote on budget amendments. Sanders, who chairs the Senate subcommittee that deals with aging-related issues, sponsored an amendment to the budget resolution backing the Older Americans Act that was approved by unanimous consent. The landmark law, originally enacted in 1965, supports Meals on Wheels …