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Claire Trevor: The Movies’ Best Tart With a Heart

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Entertainment“There are worse things than Apaches,” says Dallas, a fallen woman, looking out at the row of tight-lipped, righteous ladies who are running her out of town. It’s the kind of line and scene that makes me wish modern blockbusters gave women more to do. I just finished watching John Ford’s Stagecoach (1939), a gorgeously-shot film rife with cringe-inducing racial and regional stereotypes that somehow managed to portray the women in it (well, white women) as complicated people. It’s the story of a bunch of passengers …

Go Green! 10 St. Patrick’s Day Movies

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EntertainmentSome 45 million Americans identify themselves as Irish—weird, when you consider only six million people live on the whole of Erin’s Isle—but perhaps that explains why so many classic movies have an Irish focus. These days, an awful lot of those movies seem obsessed with the dark side of Ireland, it’s history of famine and religious strife. But faith and begorrah, it’s St. Patty’s Day, time to celebrate the beauty of the land and the resilient, sometimes quirky nature of …