Helen Thomas: Grande Dame of the White House Press Corps

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LegacySome journalists, as the saying goes, speak truth to power. Helen Thomas made power squirm. White House correspondent Thomas, who died on July 20 at age 92 in Washington, D.C., covered every president from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama over more than five decades. She was inquisitive — and an inquisitor. “I think that presidents deserve to be questioned, maybe irreverently, most of the time, [to] bring ‘em down a size,” she explained in an HBO documentary about her life. And …

Jane Glenn Haas: the Sage of Aging

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LegacyBack in the 1980s,  I moved to California to work at the Orange County Register, where, at the time, the real estate beat was covered by a woman named Jane Glenn Haas. I never knew her very well, but she seemed like one of those old-fashioned  newspaper reporters, the ones who’d been cultivating sources for so long that she could dig up more insights by thumbing her Rolodex than I probably could from Google today. On one of my first shifts …