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Movies for Grownups Weekend Preview: Feb. 21

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EntertainmentOne more week until the Oscars: Most of the major nominees are still in theaters—and one opens this weekend—so you can still catch them before March 2. And if you’re all up to date, you could sit back, pop on your 3-D glasses, and enjoy the destruction of an ancient Roman City.   Pompeii On the list of four writers who concocted this epic story of slaves and gladiators battling each other and a certain nearby volcano is Julian Fellowes, …

Stiff Upper Lips Rejoice: ‘Downton Abbey’ Returns

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EntertainmentThe holidays are over, but to an awful lot of TV viewers Downton Abbey creator/writer Julian Fellowes is Santa Claus and this weekend’s season premiere is their most anticipated Christmas present of the year. Of course, Fellowes did leave fans with a rather unpleasant lump of coal at the end of last year’s finale.  We’d all been tipped that a major character was going to go to that great Afternoon Tea in the Sky, but virtually no one was prepared …

Movies for Grownups Weekend Preview Oct. 11

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EntertainmentOne story ripped from the headlines, another borrowed from classic literature, and a grown-up romantic comedy come to theaters this weekend. After you’ve caught them, check out the movies you’ve missed from weeks past. The New Stuff: Captain Phillips Tom Hanks gives his most measured performance in years as the captain of a cargo ship overrun by Somali pirates—but the real revelation is Barkhad Abdi, a Somali immigrant making his first film, who plays the head pirate. He stands toe-to-toe …