Julie Harris

An Unusual Challenge to an Actress’s Will

Posted on 02/11/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayImagine that you die after a long series of illnesses. Because you’ve been successful in your field and leave a considerable estate. You might expect a will challenge – sure. But from your former lawyer?  Now, that’s one weird situation. But that’s exactly what has happened with the estate of Julie Harris, the renowned actress who died late last summer. Back in 2009, Harris had fired long-time lawyer Herbert Nass, who was potentially the executor of her will.  Several months …

Julie Harris: 5 of Her Most Powerful Performances

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LegacyJulie Harris took up acting because she was self-conscious about her looks as a young girl. “I looked so plain — bands on my teeth, bird legs, mouse face, hair that wouldn’t curl,” she once explained in an interview. That self-deprecating description didn’t really do justice to the red-haired actress’s delicate, almost fragile appearance. But what really resonated about Harris, who died on Aug. 24 at age 87 in Chatham, Mass., was her masterful power and amazing versatility as a …