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A New Look at Who’s Buying Obamacare

Posted on 06/20/2014 by |Health | Comments

Bulletin TodayBy Julie Appleby, KHN Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News Nearly 6 in 10 Americans who bought insurance for this year through the health law’s online marketplaces were previously uninsured — most for at least two years, according to a new survey that looks at the experiences of those most affected by the law. That finding is higher than some earlier estimates and counters arguments made by critics of the law that most of those who purchased the new policies were previously insured. The survey also found that consumers …

Study: Health Providers Often Rewarded for Volume Over Value

Posted on 03/26/2013 by |Health | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Russ Mitchell for Kaiser Health News. This story was produced in collaboration with USA Today For decades, reformers have sought to change how doctors and hospitals are paid to reward quality and efficiency — efforts that accelerated as a result of the health care overhaul. But surprisingly little progress has been made to date, a consortium of large employers reported today. Only 10.9 percent of health care spending last year by employer-sponsored plans was based on “value,” as opposed to …

Study Finds Premium Support Plan Could Raise Medicare Premiums In Many Parts of Country

Posted on 10/16/2012 by |Politics | Comments

Bulletin Today | PoliticsBy Jordan Rau, Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News The type of proposal championed by Republicans to overhaul Medicare by giving beneficiaries a fixed amount of money to purchase insurance could lead to significant increases in premium costs in some parts of the country, according to a new study. If the plan had been in place in 2010, six in 10 Medicare beneficiaries — about 25 million people both in traditional Medicare and in private Medicare Advantage plans — would have …