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8 Foods We Eat That Other Countries Ban

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThere are chemicals and additives we allow in our snacks, drinks and packaged foods that other countries consider so unhealthy, they’ve banned them. What are we talking about? Here’s just one example: Fake coloring that gives those eerie bright hues to boxed mac and cheese, breakfast cereal, candy and soft drinks. Linked to behavioral changes in children, allergies, migraines and possibly cancer, those dyes are banned in several countries plus the United Kingdom — but not in the United States. …

“We’re Trying Our Darndest To Figure Out This Tweet Machine”

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Entertainment | TechnologyKraft Mac n’ Cheese has been around for 75 years. Yes, 75 years. Our mothers made it with sausage, our grandmothers made it for Easter, and I’m still making it when the craving strikes. To celebrate 75 years of cheesy addiction, Kraft asked two lovely older ladies “who’ve been eating mac and cheese for 75 years” to run their Facebook page and Twitter account for three days.               Now, they’re responding to followers…   …