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Were Lance Armstrong’s Lies Justified?

Posted on 01/18/2013 by |Philanthropy & Fundraising | Comments

VolunteeringBetrayed. That’s the only way to express the feelings I have as I track Lance Armstrong’s “process of confession.”  In fact, I was so upset I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Oprah interview last night, which, in addition to “coming clean” had to include some justification for why he spent nearly two decades lying, attacking his denouncers and systematically deceiving a community of cycling supporters and fans. (I am one of them.) I am an avid cyclist.  I cycle …

Banned for Life

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Your LifeFelice Shapiro is a writer, entrepreneur, and publisher as well as the founder of Better After 50, a weekly online magazine. In addition to being a teacher and avid runner, hiker, and yogi, she is an AARP contributor. Lance has been teetering from grace for a while but this week he fell off the bike. My Livestrong bracelet is off my wrist until I can create my own separation between the cause and the person. Lance’s fall has got me thinking about …

In The News: Back On The (News) Cycle

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Your LifeIt is rumored that Lance Armstrong is planning to return to competitive cycling and will participate in five races including the Tour de France.