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The “Overweight Sensation” That Was Allan Sherman

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EntertainmentI may be a goyische shiksa, but I know from Yiddish. That fact has flummoxed more than one Jewish friend in my life. “Where did you learn to say ‘Gotenyu’ [‘for God’s sake’]?” someone will ask. The simple answer: I learned it from one of my oldest friends and mentors — a self-professed “Brooklyn boy” whose ancestors fled Russian pogroms to make their fortunes in America. My Brooklyn friend was born in 1948 — two generations too late for shtetl-speak, but right on time for …

HBO Movie ‘Clear History’ is Comic Gold

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EntertainmentCurb Your Enthusiasm fans, take note: Larry David’s hysterical HBO improvised comedy is back, only — and try to follow me here — it’s got a different name, and now it’s a movie. OK, so Clear History, the hilarious David-penned film that premieres Saturday (Aug. 10) at 9 p.m. on HBO, isn’t technically part of the Seinfeld scribe’s Curb Your Enthusiasm oeuvre. But it could be. Clear History tells the story of Nathan Flomm (David) a hotheaded, socially maladjusted marketing guru who sells …