Time to Transubstantiate?

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Your LifeIt’s not enough that Latinos are primed to “take over” California,  the United States and America’s institutions of higher learning by the sheer growth of their numbers, now they’re threatening to take over evangelical Protestant churches. Sort of. My earlier blogs have noted that Hispanics have become the largest ethnic minority group in the nation and that by next year, we will outnumber California’s Anglo population for the first time in history. Well, add to that a report by the …

Helping Grandparents Raising Grandkids

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Your LifeThe end of summer is near and that means one thing: Parents are going through the motions to send their kids back to school or maybe start college. From that group of parents, there are approximately 2.4 million who are grandparents raising their grandchildren. For this segment, it is very important to be budget-conscious when going through expenses and to look for ways to ameliorate the big impact on their finances when supporting their grandchildren. As the great Bill Cosby …

Latinos: Don’t Let your Guard Down Against Cancer

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Personal HealthA few nights ago, I was riding the train on my way back home from a New York City trip and I had the chance to read an interesting article explaining the reasons why more Americans are surviving their struggle against cancer, published in the April/May issue of AARP: The Magazine. New drugs, targeted treatments and continuous research have increased the chances of cure and survival. I was glad to read the good news but I began to wonder if …

4 Areas Where Latinos Can Step Up their Community Service

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VolunteeringFamily means the world to Latinos. Many of us dedicate our lives to care and provide for our loved ones. But we also realize that our responsibilities do not end there. As conscientious members of society, we care about providing aid to our “extended families,” such as our neighbors, fellow churchgoers and friends. At AARP we believe there’s nothing better than going the extra mile for those in need – because compartir es vivir (sharing equals living). Learn about four …

Love is a Song that Latinos Never Forget

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RelationshipsI was recently watching the trailer of Chico y Rita, the only Spanish-language film nominated for an Oscar this year, and I heard a quote that had a strong impact on me: “Love is a song that you never forget.” For Latinos, love is exactly that: A feeling that permeates everything we do and is as indispensable as adding sugar to your morning coffee. St. Valentine’s should be an occasion to renew our commitments, maybe spice up relationships and discover …

The Takeaway: Sleep Apnea-Dementia Linked; Gambling Addiction; How’s Your Sex Life?

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Bulletin TodayIs mom getting a good night’s rest? A new study published in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association links dementia in older women to sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to stop breathing – for a short period – as they sleep. Researchers focused on women, average age 82, with various sleeping disorders, including apnea. They found those women “were much more likely than those with normal sleep habits to develop cognition problems within five years.”