What’s Mom Worth? Between $62,985 and $118,905

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Bulletin Today | WorkIt’s difficult to put a price tag on moms (or so we’d like to think). Nevertheless, as Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, two websites calculated a mom’s worth based on her various jobs around the house. Think top chef, chief accountant, chauffeur and teacher. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data that correlates with those jobs outside the home, said moms are worth $62,985 in 2014. That’s higher than their value last year, which was $59,862. >> Sign up for …

Check Out These Affordable College Care Package Ideas

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Money & SavingsIf you have kids or grandchildren away at college, they’re likely to be feeling a little homesick right about now.  Care packages from back home are always appreciated, but they mean even more as students get settled into campus life.  Here are some ideas for putting together college care packages that student will love, but won’t break the bank. Unused Gift Cards: Every year about $2 billion in gift cards go unredeemed.  If you’ve been given a gift card that …

Laundry Tips That Can Save You Money

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Money & SavingsWho knew I could sing the blues, and who knew doing the wash could be so much fun? This week’s episode of “The Cheap Life” is all about how to cut the cost of doing laundry and make your clothes last longer, too. You’ll also find instructions in the show for making your own laundry and cleaning supplies as well as some repurposing tips for used fabric softener sheets. Plus, if you leave me your favorite “clean” joke or laundry …