The Health Care Law — Look Who’s Talking

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThe public’s most trusted sources of information about the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare, as many Americans know it — aren’t necessarily the ones they’re most likely to be hearing from. This from the most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, which also tells us that lots of Americans — 44 percent of those surveyed — are confused about the health care law, with 31 percent unsure whether it is the law, 8 percent thinking that it has been repealed and another …

If You Have Medicare, No Need to Go to Insurance Marketplaces

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Susan Jaffe, Kaiser Health News. This story produced in collaboration with USA Today While the Obama administration is stepping up efforts encouraging uninsured Americans to enroll in health coverage from the new online insurance marketplaces, officials are planning a campaign to convince millions of seniors to please stay away – don’t call and don’t sign up. “We want to reassure Medicare beneficiaries that they are already covered, their benefits are not changing and the marketplace doesn’t require them to do …

What the Health Care Law Really Means to You and Me Today

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Personal Health The following is a guest post from Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health, AARP Education & Outreach Whether it is being able to keep your adult children on your insurance plan or having coverage options and protections that you never had in the past, the health care law—called the Affordable Care Act— provides benefits for many of us. In fact, the law has already helped millions of older Americans with the cost of their prescription drugs and will help millions more …

What Happens to A Deceased Loved-one’s Facebook Profile?

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TechnologyNebraska has a bill before it’s legislature that will address the difficult issue of a deceased person’s online life by giving access to the executor of that person’s estate. The bill does not just focus on Facebook, but takes into account the myriad social network, blogging and email accounts that a person can acquire over the years.

Nursing Homes in Illinois: The Next Steps

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Your LifeHello, readers. This is Gerardo with AARP Illinois’ Communications team. It was less than two years ago that advocates, legislators and state government got together to craft legislation that has significantly improved care and safety conditions for thousands of nursing home residents in Illinois. AARP was at the center of the reform along with SEIU, Illinois Citizens for Better Care, The Jane Addams Senior Caucus, and the Community Renewal Society.  State Senators Heather Steans and Jacqueline Collins, and State Reps. …

Illinois banks run from Power of Attorney abuse protection law

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Your LifeHello there blog readers – Jenn here talking to you today from an unseasonably warm and snow-free Chicago. (Thumbs up!) Following up on our post from a few weeks ago about cracking down on financial  elder abuse in Illinois, I was  talking with staff lead Ryan Gruenenfelder about what else is cooking down in Springfield this session and how AARP will be involved. He told me about an interesting battle that keeps cropping up over some increased protections that are now part of …