The Newest Challenge to Voting

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Bulletin TodayThe right to vote. Seems like it was settled a long time ago, when we gave women the vote, did away with poll taxes and lowered the voting age to 18. But voter ID requirements, most recently proof-of-citizenship requirements, continue to raise new challenges to casting a ballot in many states — especially for minority, poor or older Americans. Last week, a federal trial court judge in Wichita, Kan., ruled that Kansas and Arizona could require voters to provide proof …

Visit Your Parents or Be Sued: Is That Un-American?

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Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyBulletin from Wuxi, China: In the first suit filed under the country’s new law requiring adult children to visit their parents “often,” a court ordered a woman to check in on her 77-year-old mother at least twice a month, and on at least two of the country’s big holidays. With our summer vacations in full swing in the United States, we wonder whether a similar “don’t-you-dare-ignore-your-parents” law would fly here? Discussion: Zimmerman Verdict of Not-Guilty: Was Justice Served? Today’s Americans …

What’s Congress Up To? How You Can Find Out

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsAmericans rate Congress below most scourges, polls regularly show. But does the public actually know what Congress is doing? Only a small percentage of legislation makes it to the Senate and House floors, where insomniacs can stay glued to the proceedings on C-SPAN. But these days, it’s a lot easier than it used to be to track bills of interest through the legislative process. The granddaddy of legislative access is named, fittingly, after the guy who created the Library of …

Best Senior Discount Ever!

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Bulletin TodayIf you’re like my wife, you may resist the notion of taking advantage of a senior discount. We’re at a tender age, and she’s not keen for people to think she’s older than she really is. But if we move to the Philippines and are lucky enough to make it to 100, I’m not giving her a choice. Legislation being debated there would give centenarians up to a 75 percent discount on all sorts of goods and services. That’s on …

Too Old to Drive? Depends on Which State You Live In

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Bulletin TodayA recent string of high-profile accidents involving older drivers has stirred up the decades-old debate: How old is too old to drive? Of course there’s no definitive answer — it depends on how physically and cognitively healthy someone remains. But it also depends on where you live: An Associated Press review found a “hodgepodge” of state rules governing older drivers.

Nursing Homes in Illinois: The Next Steps

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Your LifeHello, readers. This is Gerardo with AARP Illinois’ Communications team. It was less than two years ago that advocates, legislators and state government got together to craft legislation that has significantly improved care and safety conditions for thousands of nursing home residents in Illinois. AARP was at the center of the reform along with SEIU, Illinois Citizens for Better Care, The Jane Addams Senior Caucus, and the Community Renewal Society.  State Senators Heather Steans and Jacqueline Collins, and State Reps. …