What the Health Care Law Really Means to You and Me Today

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Personal Health The following is a guest post from Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health, AARP Education & Outreach Whether it is being able to keep your adult children on your insurance plan or having coverage options and protections that you never had in the past, the health care law—called the Affordable Care Act— provides benefits for many of us. In fact, the law has already helped millions of older Americans with the cost of their prescription drugs and will help millions more …

What Happens to A Deceased Loved-one’s Facebook Profile?

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TechnologyNebraska has a bill before it’s legislature that will address the difficult issue of a deceased person’s online life by giving access to the executor of that person’s estate. The bill does not just focus on Facebook, but takes into account the myriad social network, blogging and email accounts that a person can acquire over the years.

Inside E Street Highlights Grandparents

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Home & Family | Your LifeI recently had the pleasure of joining my long-time friend and colleague Jaia Peterson Lent, Deputy Executive Director at Generations United, for a discussion on AARP’s TV show, Inside E Street which provides a civil look at issues critical to Americans. We talked about a topic we both feel very passionate about: grandparents. Inside E Street’s host, Lark McCarthy, was fabulous (I remember watching her on the local DC TV station so it was great to meet her in person!). In this segment, Grandparents on …