Overcoming Loss of Libido After Cancer

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RelationshipsQ: I am 69 years of age and married. Three and a half years ago I had radiation treatment  for prostate cancer. The cancer is in remission. However, my libido has come to a screeching halt. I have no interest in sex, although I have forced myself to try masturbation to try for an erection. Occasionally this will work, but most times it is a failure. Because of my lack of libido, my wife and I are slipping away from …

Men and Sex: Survival Comes First

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RelationshipsI don’t know who the original press agent was for men, but that person was very effective. They put the message out that men were sexually voracious creatures with a sex drive that won’t quit, no matter what the cost.  This branding has been a double-edged sword for men since. On one hand, they get all these bragging rights. But on the other hand, they have to meet expectations of studliness – no matter what. Well, here’s the latest study …