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GIVEAWAY: Life@50+ Attendees Only

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Entertainment  Hello! We’re here hanging out with thousands of AARP members from all over the country, and right now at midday, we have a few extra tickets to tonight’s show to give away. Here’s how it’ll work… did you take a photo of anything during the time you’ve been at Life@50+? If you post it somewhere public (like on your Twitter feed!) and comment here with the URL, or Tweet at us (@AARP) we’ll give the first 3 to send …

How To Teach Kids Nutrition? Plant Something

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Volunteering“What do you do to get the kids to like stuff like kale? Or radishes?” I asked. Ms. Denise immediately begins shaking her head in protest, with a huge grin on her face. “If they take the seed and plant it. If they grow it. If they see it every day while they’re out on the playground. If they walk by and smell it. They will love eating it,” she said. We were standing in an edible schoolyard on a …

Day 2: Winning – With Family In Tow

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Your LifeWhat a day. Here we go – a roundup! First we started our day off right, doing yoga poses. We interviewed Patti Austin, who told us “I got my growing up outta the way when I was young. I’m regressing now!” We caught the Grannies on Safari bantering about their crazy Trans-Siberian Railway trip. “We’re really just best friends that love to travel,” they said, but Regina would say something, Pat would raise her eyebrow – seriously, Regina?!” – and …

Oh, What a Feeling!

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EntertainmentLast night, it seemed the whole crowd was “Dancing on the Ceiling” as AARP’s Life@50 crew took over the Nokia Center to hear music greats, Ramsey Lewis, Patty Austin, and Lionel Richie. Ramsey Lewis warmed up the crowd, tickling the ivories playing jazz standards and greatest hits.

Sugar Ray Leonard’s Big Fight

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Your LifeI’ll tell you straight up: I don’t know much about boxing. But given the chance to go to a Life@50 session, with Alzheimer’s hero Leeza Gibbons interviewing a boxing great, I thought I’d learn a little something. Sure enough, I did. In a world of boxers who fall prey to the rigors of their sport and lose their health and memories, Sugar Ray is an exception. But he would say that the biggest fight of his life didn’t happen inside …

Managing the Medicare Maze

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Personal HealthAre you 65, or fast approaching it? There was a wealth of knowledge for you in yesterday’s Life@50 University Session on Medicare. Some of the questions asked: What’s the difference between a traditional physical and the Medicare Wellness Exam? What’s the difference between supplemental and secondary insurance?