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Longevity News

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Personal HealthI don’t eat seafood – but this article from the Wall Street Journal today is seriously making a good case for consuming more fish with omega-3 fatty acids. Sure, we’ve known for a long time that those acids are linked to a healthy heart – but a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that there may be another benefit of omega 3: longevity. Patients who had high intake of omega-3 had relatively longer “telomeres,” which …

Last Minute Gifts!

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Your LifeWe all do it – wait until the final possible moment to find the perfect gifts for our friends and family. This article from Fox Business online highlights gift ideas for the retirees (or “semi- or soon-to-be retirees”) in your life. I may take some of this advice, because I always find the hardest people to buy gifts for are my retired grandparents! The gift ideas in the article are separated by the type of person your retiree is – …

New To Know: What Money Can Buy You

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Personal HealthA new WHO study shows that a huge gap exists in the life expectancy of the world’s richest and poorest people.