Brain Fitness: Four Strategies to Keep Your Wits with Aging

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Personal HealthHowever magnificent one’s earlier accomplishments, getting older can be a humbling experience. Loss of peripheral vision and depth judgment, lessened hearing acuity, decreased sensitivity of taste buds, stiffened arteries, declining bone density, a less efficient heart pump, reduced lung capacity, wrinkling of skin, reduced muscle strength and, for some, loss of hair are a few of the physical changes that are biologically predetermined. The aging process also brings social and emotional losses. As we age, parents and older relatives die, …

Healthy Habits!

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Personal HealthI always love finding stories and advice like this from a reputable source – this time from CNN and Check out this article about 10 different “guilty” pleasures that might actually be good for your health! So don’t feel guilty about doing them! A couple of my favorites include getting your ZZZs, having a girls’ night out, choosing the “full fat” dressing for that lunch salad, and basking in the sun – something I’ve been taking very seriously this …

Get Fit With Gaming

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TechnologyOlder Americans getting social and physically fit with Nintendo Wii.