4 Facts You Should Know About National Debt and Default

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIn all of the turmoil about a possible U.S. default on its $16.8 trillion debt, there’s an overload of information to follow. Here are four tidbits that you might have missed. Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter 1. China does not “own our debt.” Yes, it does hold an IOU from the United States for about $1.28 trillion, making China Uncle Sam’s largest overseas creditor. But that represents only 7.6 percent of the nation’s debt. 2. The U.S. …

Facebook: Judi Dench Is NOT Your Friend. Stop Asking!

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Home & Family | TechnologyFacebook hates me. I used to think of Facebook as a sort of friend to the friendless. Whatever its societal shortcomings, I reasoned, at least by redefining the term “friend” to mean “any being capable of hitting the ‘accept’ button on a computer screen” Facebook put friendship — or something like it — within reach of just about everybody, no matter how awkward, ugly, or generally unappealing they might be. In other words, it was the perfect place for me. …