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Brickbats Fly at ‘Liz & Dick’

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Entertainment  In another time, under different circumstances, if Elizabeth Taylor had lived longer, she might have taken Lindsay Lohan under wing.  Taylor had great compassion for gifted sad sorts who were withering in the glare of media scrutiny. Remember how her maternal side came to the fore with best friends Montgomery Clift and Michael Jackson?  Too bad none of that humanity is even hinted at in Lohan’s “Liz & Dick” Lifetime movie, premiering Sunday (11/25). This flyweight Larry Thompson telepic …

Barbara Hershey Shows Her Chops in ‘Left to Die’

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Entertainment Lifetime’s “Left to Die” movie, premiering tonight (11/4), has Barbara Hershey as an average American woman wrongly imprisoned in Ecuador on false drug trafficking charges. The real-life role of Sandra Chase gives Hershey plenty to do: she’s ill, she’s terrorized, she’s hopeless, she’s courageous and determined. Above all, “Left to Die” is a story of a daughter’s and mother’s love. Sandra’s daughter Tammi (Rachael Leigh Cook) went to amazing lengths trying to get her mother out of that foreign hell …

Lindsay Lohan plays Liz Taylor. But Who’ll Be Richard Burton?

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EntertainmentWell, I’m not going to pile on with everyone else who’s ridiculing the announcement that Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime Channel TV movie. Her personal life may be a train wreck, but Lohan is by no means a bad actress—check out her thoughtful performances in Mean Girls and, especially, Emilio Estevez’s historical drama Bobby. Besides, Liz herself was not one to tie up her offscreen adventures with neat little bows—there was after all the little …