LinkedIn: A Job Seeker’s Best Friend

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WorkThis is a guest post by Heather Taylor. This freelance writer, consultant and radio producer has happily served as a job coach in the AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program since January 2011, helping adults 50+ who are unemployed to find satisfying work.  With more than 135 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Increasingly, employers are using LinkedIn as a source to find good talent. With that kind of reach and influence it makes plenty of sense to join if you’re job-hunting – or …

Don’t Tweet Me

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EntertainmentThe President of the United States held the first-ever Twitter press conference recently, and while it’s true the event did not mark the end of Western Civilization, it did lead me to believe that when the end comes, the last living historian will Tweet: “2bad :(” There was one heartening aspect to the White House exercise, however: Although the questioners all stuck to Twitter’s 140-character-max requirement, the Tweeter-In-Chief responded in actual unlimited, thoughtful sentences, fully understanding that unless you happen …