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New Drug for Hepatitis C: Effective, but Who Will Pay?

Posted on 03/3/2014 by |Health | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News staff writer, in association with The Daily Beast There’s a new drug regimen being touted as a potential cure for a dangerous liver virus that causes hepatitis C. But it costs $84,000 — or $1,000 a pill. And that price tag is prompting outrage from some consumers and a scramble by insurers to figure out which patients should get the drug — and who pays for it. Related: CDC: All Boomers Need Hepatitis C Test Called …

Lou Reed’s New Liver Sparks Old Debate About Transplants

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthHow do you feel about an aging rock icon, who spent his youth wrecking his liver with booze and drugs, being able to get a new liver at age 71? Is it right, considering that there are far more people on the organ-transplant list than there are donors? How about if this same rocker has mended his ways and been a pillar of health since he was in his 40s? Does that change things? The news that singer-songwriter-guitarist Lou Reed …

Positive Hep C Test Could Mean Insurance Denial

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt sounds like reasonable advice: The government is urging all baby boomers to get tested for the hepatitis C virus, which people often don’t realize they have and which can damage or destroy the liver. Except there’s one little complication, as points out: A positive result on your hep C test could torpedo your chances of getting insurance if you’re uninsured, or hoping to buy more insurance, such as long-term care. As reporter JoNel Aleccia writes, “Experts in health …