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Tips for Multigenerational Living

Posted on 12/13/2012 by |Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingI was pleased to be included as an expert in a recent NBC Nightly News three-part series on caregiving. The series culminated in a segment in which I was interviewed about multigenerational living. After many years of working with multigenerational families, and now that I, too, live in a multigenerational household with my parents and their live-in caregiver, I’ve learned a lot. Here’s a roundup of my tips for those of you in similar situations — or those of you …

The New Kind of Shacking Up

Posted on 06/6/2011 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Money & SavingsHaving a roommate to reduce expenses is no longer limited to 20-somethings after they’ve left the nest. The recession and high cost of housing is leading many more people, including those over age 50, to live with a non-spouse. The scenarios are numerous. Two single moms with teenage kids. Friends in a Boomer-esque version of the Golden Girls or Kate & Allie, as described in The New Housemates. Multiple generations of one family. Unmarried romantic couples. Or just renting out …