Liz Taylor

The Takeaway: For Your Consideration

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Bulletin TodayThe death of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor was huge news last week. By this point you’ve read obits, appreciations and remembrances from every major news outlet. As much as you love her, you might be, as one colleague put it, “All Taylored-out.” But allow us to offer one more Taylor appreciation. It offers a rare look inside the life of what some call “The Last Movie Star.” Others You May Have Missed The world of politics lost a pioneer in …

Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and Why We Ought to Turn Away

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EntertainmentFor a decade of my young life, I made my living writing about the ups and downs of Hollywood celebrities. The 1980s were the golden age of The National Enquirer, when the low-hanging fruit of Celebritydom grew from only a handful of trees: The Movies (Burt Reynolds), Network Television (Anyone from Dallas), and that weird, vaporous world of the Famous-Because-They’re Famous (remember the Gabor Sisters?). I’m really glad I got out of that gig when I did, because in the …